Medical tourism



Ryazan is the center of medical tourism in Russia. Dental clinics «Prime» are the largest dental clinics in Ryazan. Our  patients are from different cities and countries (such as England, Germany, the USA).


We organize your trip to Ryazan, making your stay in our town more comfortable. «Prime» cures your teeth and helps you to plan your excursion across Ryazan.




Why do people choose us?


3 dental clinics


110 dentists


since 2005 we have been working  


24 h  dental care


Own dental laboratory


Training center for dentists


Authorial methods of treatment 


English speaking Dental Treatment Coordinator


Ryazan is the historical center in Russia







Our services:


Surgery, therapy, orthopedics, orthodontics, sedation for dental treatment, treatment with a microscope,esthetic restoration, periodontology, implantation, bleaching, children’s dentistry.






Here you can see the complex dental work of dentists in «Prime»: treatment with a microscope,orthopedics, technology restorations with the help of ceramic veneers.





Ceramic veneers (price 1 unit “on a turn-key basis”) — from 378 $

Implantation (price 1 unit “on a turn-key basis”) — from 530 $

Tooth implantation process includes replacing tooth root with titanium implant screw, adding an abutment and a metal ceramic crown. 


Download the whole price-list of our services






Dental tour in «Prime»


It doesn’t matter what country you live in. We organize your trip completely including your transfer from airport and mentoring of your dental treatment in our clinics:

  • Services of an interpreter (you will be guided during the excursion of the city and during the treatment) – FREE OF CHARGE
  • Services of a Dental Treatment Coordinator (your own consultant will accompany every step of the way through your treatment. She will help you to arrange your time and make an appointment) - FREE OF CHARGE
  • Transfer from airport (Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo) to Ryazan
  • Residence 
  • Excursions






Price of the dental tour from 638 $ *

(1 person for one week including residence in Ryazan, transfer, hotel accommodation and excursions)

 * Dental clinics «Prime» don’t charge commission for organization of leisure activities. Our help is absolutely for free.










By bus                                       

airport Domodedovo – Ryazan 11 $

By taxi

airport Domodedovo – Ryazan  53 $

airport Sheremetyevo – Ryazan  69 $


 A single standard room  76 $

from 46 $ to 160 $

a tour of Ryazan and Ryazan Oblast







We cooperate with the best hotels in our town. You can stay at a hotel situated in the historical center of Ryazan or out of town near the pine forest.



“The Old Town”




“Once upon a time”   



“Konyushenny yard”





Excursion in Ryazan and Ryazan oblast


Ryazan is the town with the rich history and unique nature. We help you to find an excursion for every taste, show architectural buildings of the XVI century, take a walk in the pine forest, try traditional russian food.


Ryazan Kremlin




In the village Konstantinovo - Sergey Yesenin museum




In the village of Poshupovo Svyato-Ioanno-Bogoslovsky monastery is located




The village Solotcha



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Dentistry tutors will call you and help you find the best method of your dental treatment

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