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Every tenth person who lives in Ryazan chooses Prime dental clinic.

5 100 000
we invest about 5.1 mln rubles a year to train stuff
dental laboratory

Prime Dental Clinic

Prime Dental Clinic is one of the largest dental clinics in Ryazan. We provide our patients with a wide range of general dentistry services, including precise diagnostics, painless treatment and a comprehensive approach to the management of problems of oral cavity.

Prime Dental Clinic was founded on the concept of providing convenient and effective dental care for the entire family. We have a stuff of 120 general dentists and specialists. There are teachers of Ryazan State Medical University and candidates of medical sciences among them. Besides carrying out complicated surgical procedures, they introduce innovative methods of treatment of oral cavity.

Prime Dental Clinic believes strongly in ongoing education that is why we have set up our own certified educational center called “Prime”. Our doctors also upgrade their qualifications participating in the Russian or foreign training courses every year.

Prime Dental Clinic has patents for methods of treatment and licenses to provide all types of dental care including treatment under general anesthetic and issuing of medical certificates.

At Prime Dental Clinic, the staff cares about your family’s individual needs. They are happy to work with your child to provide excellent dental care, with none of the hassle or frustration might expect. The cost of most procedures at Prime Dental Clinic is available for everybody.

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24 hours a day
Prime Dental Clinic in the city centre
Esenina, 110, Ryazan.
Prime Dental Clinic in Dashkovo-Pesochnya
Sovetskaya armiya, 9, Ryazan.
Prime Dental Clinic in Kanishchevo
Biryuzova, 28A, Ryazan.
Prime Periodontics clinic
International, 23, Ryazan.
Prime Orthodontics Dental Clinic
Vokzalnaya, 37, Ryazan.
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