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Prices are in rubles as of January 1, 2022. According to a study conducted by the marketing service in the Prime Dental clinic are average in the region. The prices for paid admission to public clinics and small private rooms may be higher.

If you have a long, difficult (orthopedic, implantology, orthodontic treatment, etc.) or complex treatment with several specialists, we recommend that you use the help of coordinators to make an appointment:

Maria 8-915-610-01-98 Аnnа 8-980-507-45-51 (clinic on Esenina, 110)
Elena, Anna 8-915-600-71-98, Anastasia 8-915-600-68-84 (clinic on Sovetskaya Armiya, 9)
Alexandra 8-915-600-72-01 (clinic on Biryuzova, 28a)

Before starting treatment, ask the doctor to tell you the exact cost of treatment, since the final amount depends on the diagnosis and is determined on the basis of diagnosis and objective examination.

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24 hours a day
Prime Dental Clinic in the city centre
Esenina, 110, Ryazan.
Prime Dental Clinic in Dashkovo-Pesochnya
Sovetskaya armiya, 9, Ryazan.
Prime Dental Clinic in Kanishchevo
Biryuzova, 28A, Ryazan.
Prime Periodontics clinic
International, 23, Ryazan.
Prime Orthodontics Dental Clinic
Vokzalnaya, 37, Ryazan.
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